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Short Answer

At the moment TargetScan is available only for iOS.

Longer Answer

While we would love to port TargetScan to Android at the moment we cannot afford it. Unfortunately, porting a native App to another platform is expensive and there is only a handful of target shooters willing to purchase an App for training. With the resources we've got we had a choice: create a basic App for multiple platforms or a high fidelity app only for iOS. We decided to take a laser strategy and focus on a single platform.

Most likely we will try to raise money on Kickstarter to port the App so if you would be interested in backing the project please let us know: subscribe for Android Kickstarter. We will create the project as soon as a 1000 users declare to pledge it!


Purchase an iOS device

If you don't have an iPhone then perhaps an iPad, iPad mini or even iPod touch could be an option for you. You can get a used iPod touch for as little as $60. Don't forget to check TargetScan's hardware requirements before placing a bid!

Use alternative App on Google Play

We can recommend Shooter's Diary created by KVSmartSoftware. Apart from keeping track of your sessions the App also allows you to analyse the shooting group.